Game Day Expectations


Game Day Checklist

This resource page is provided to give every referee all information and details for a successful league game day.  Read, review and prepare for kickoff!

  • Log in to Game Officials ( Review your final assignment schedule and print it for reference.
  • Make sure that you have your assignors phone numbers in your cell phone speed dial (Lead Assignor: Steve Larsen 707-696-6599 and General Manager: Moe Shafai 916-205-9687)
  • Check your soccer bag to make sure that you have everything that is needed for match day (watch, yellow/red cards, game wallet, ball pump, coin, game report, pen/pencil, set of assistant referee flags, current year USSF badge and courage).
  • Do you know which field or fields are your games at? Get the field direction and print them before you leave your house. Game Officials will have the address of each field that EBRA is using for their games.  Do not try to Google the name of the field as it may take you to a different field.
  • Know your crew members. If your crew members are of the age of 18 and older, their phone number is listed in Game Officials.
  • Arrive 30 minutes (45 recommended) prior to kick-off.
  • If any of your crew members are missing, you MUST call your assignor ASAP and let him know who is missing.
  • If all 3 crew members are there, then proceed to check in the teams and the field.
  • If you are going to be there late, YOU MUST CALL YOUR ASSIGNOR and let him know. Failure to call the assignor will result in a fine of $30 deducted from your payroll.
  • If the assignor gets a call from a coach that any of my referees are missing, all crew members will be fined $30 (EACH). It is in your best interest to let EBRA know that one or two of your crew members are late.
  • Many times, some of your crew members might be on another game but we still want you to let us know if they are not there.

If the referee crew is short a referee at game time, we do not use a two-whistle system of officiating. In order to comply with the Laws of the Game all games sanctioned directly or indirectly by member organizations of the U.S. Soccer Federation must employ the diagonal system of control and be assigned according to the following order of preference:

  • One registered referee and two registered assistant referees
  • One registered referee, one registered assistant referee, and one unregistered club linesperson*
  • One registered referee and two unregistered club linespersons*
  • One registered referee only if no unregistered club linespersons are available or if one registered referee is appropriate for the level of competition

*Club linespersons are only allowed to signal for the ball in and out of play. The preference should always be given to unregistered club linespersons who have no affiliation to the participating teams.

  • If there are any changes to the referee crew, you must text or email your assignor at the next opportunity.

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